Services Provided by Greenworks Construction

Greenworks Construction is your professional green builder in Cedar City, and all of Southern Utah.  Greenworks Construction focuses on green home technology for your new construction and remodeling needs:

New Construction

    Green Building Technology and Conventional Methods

     Affordable Custom High Performance Homes

     Custom, Semi-Custom, and Production Building

     3-D Computer Modeling,and CAD with Softplan 2012

     Energy Modeling including REMrate, Engergy 10, ResCheck, WUFI 5, and Climate Consultant 5

Full Service Remodeling

     Home Improvements, Repairs, and Additions

     Basements, Garages, Decks, Porches, Baths, and Kitchens

     ADA Accessibility and Compliance

Consultation and Inspection Services

    Utah DOPL General Contractor  

     ICC / Utah DOPL Combination Inspector 

     Lead-Based Paint, DAQ and EPA Certified

     Asbestos, DAQ Certified

     Radon, NEHA-NRPP Certified

     Mold, RMCOEH Certified

     Infrared Thermal Building Diagnostics and Thermography, ITC Certified

     Building Analyisis, Combustion Saftey and HERS Ratings, BPI and RESNET Certified  

     Energy Audits, BPI and RESNET Certified  

     Home Inspections, 3rd Party Verification and Non-Destructive Testing             

Greenworks Construction is committed to providing you with the highest level of service, exceeding industry standards.  Learn more about green homes and green building technology in the frequently asked questions area of this site, or contact our Certified Green Professional, Kevin D.Wiederhold, at (435) 867-1853.

Serving All of Southern Utah

Proud Member of The Better Business Bureau

and The Iron County Home Builders Association


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